Friday, September 12, 2008

39? Already? What Happened?

Happy Birthday to my favorite man! He's turning 39 today so in honor of him, I shall list 39 things I love about Kevin:

1~ he's hardworking
2~ he's an amazing Dad and the kids adore him
3~ he likes to go to bed when I do whenever that is
4~ his bowed legs, even though he doesn't like them I think they're cute and it's the closest thing to a cowboy I want to get
5~ before he proposed, he paid off all his debts- how responsible is that?
6~ he married for love because I had 22 cents in my bank account
7~ he likes all my friends and they like him
8~ he doesn't compromise his values
9~ he's so easy going
10~ he gives in when necessary
11~ he supports every decision I make
12~ he puts others before himself all the time
13~ those blue eyes
14~ he can fix darn near anything
15~ he compliments my garden often and checks it out almost as often as I do
16~ he is so kind to people, listens intently and stores information like a computer
17~ he keeps my head out of the clouds when necessary
18~ he has this unique creative mind, actually he's brilliant
19~ he helps the kids with their homework
20~ he's so honest
21~ we have the same taste in so many things, like home decor so I can do pretty much whatever I want
22~ that thick blonde hair and perfect smile (thanks Mom & Dad for paying for braces)
23~ he loves Jesus
24~ his faith governs his actions
25~ he is strong and consistent
26~ he drives the kids to school after I've worked a night shift
27~ his generous heart
28~ he can type really fast! he's precise in everything he does
29~ he knows when it's a good night to suggest going out for dinner
30~ he coaches boys' soccer even though he hates groups of children
31~ he's cuddly
32~ his warped sense of humour
33~ he stole my heart and he won't give it back
34~ when we were dating, he always called me his best buddy
35~ he comes up with really weird and fascinating concepts and trivial thought out details
36~ he's so athletic and toned even though he sits on his butt all day (it's not fair really)
37~ he tells me he loves often
38~ he laughs when I think I'm funny
39~ he's more wonderful than the day I married him!


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Happy Birthday Kevin!! 39, isn't it swell.

Randi said...

Great post! We all love Kevin but I enjoyed reading all the little things you love about him. You married well.