Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some really interesting stuff about me

I've been tagged and thought it was a really great post, so I will comply.

i am: loved by the people that matter in my life
i think: about things probably way too much
i know: a little about a broad range of things, but not much about anything
i want: to know Jesus more deeply
i have: a great husband! and everything I could ever need
i wish: i could do and be everything that my mind creates
i hate: children starving to death and being mistreated and abused
i miss: some close friends that live too far away; my Dad
i fear: losing control (of my mind, my bladder, my life)
i feel: like the world is going down hill fast
i hear: that the rising cost of food is hurting a lot of poor people
i smell: toast
i crave: an Earl Grey misto
i search: the internet on occasion
i wonder: how my kids will turn out, if I'll ever get to Africa again
i regret: not always being the most loving I could have been
i love: you
i ache: when i hear about child prostitution and things like that
i care about: my family
i always: check my e-mail before bed
i am not: easily overwhelmed or excited
i believe: in truth and Jesus
i dance: with the kids sometimes with the music really loud so you can hear it from the street
i sing: a lot and often make up the words as i go
i don't always: feel like being nice
i fight: rarely, much more of a passive run and hider
i write: about more interesting stuff in my journal, but you guys might laugh
i win: whenever i can
i lose: at Scrabble with Kevin
i never: want to forget the lessons i've learned, but somehow i do
i confuse: my husband
i listen: pretty well, except when Kevin talks about work because i am confused
i can usually be found: at home a lot, in my garden
i am scared: of something happening to my kids
i need: chocolate and quality time with people
i am happy about: going to Edmonton next week

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Randi said...

Great post. C'mon, share the journal - I won't laugh. :)