Thursday, September 4, 2008

This Week in the Garden

It's feeling like autumn in the mornings. Cool and needing a sweatshirt, then wanting to wear shorts by noon. It's just too many clothes at this time of year. The garden is starting to show the beginning signs of fall, the roses are getting their hips, and the leaves are starting to just show the barely first visible signs of a hint of different color. The mums are out and beautiful though, I love those late blooming flowers. One year my garden mum bloomed til early December, but that was a mild one and it was snuggled in close to the house.

This flower is definitely getting moved this week because it's hiding in behind some old chopped down daisy stems and I can hardly see it. I think it's called a pasque flower. Kind of reminds me of the Alberta wild rose.

This burning bush is going to look amazing about Thanksgiving! I saw the first bright red leaf this morning on my daily rounds.

This is one HUGE peach! See how it fills up my whole hand, and I have big hands! I used to think I could be a hand model because my fingers were really long and slender, but this pic ain't showin' it! Dry skin much?!! Stay away from my peaches Ditto, it's just a baby tree with only a dozen or so!

The other night around 4:30am we were awaken to a thump, thump, thumpity, thumpity sound. I thought it must be the boy kicking the wall, he's a thrasher, but Kevin got up to check it out and looked out the bathroom window only to see 2 raccoons trying to get the lid off the dog food pail we keep up on the deck. They had thumped it down the stairs. So cute them little critters in the early morning light, but I was too lazy to get the camera, and Kevin chased them away. Next morning I saw they had been into the grape vines too and I got out my nets. So my lousy attempt to save the remaining...

And don't ask me why my tomatoes are so late this year, I am dying to get the salsa bubbling on the stove!! But that's OK I responded to one of those e-mails we lucky ones in the Okanagan get that read something like this.. "please come and take some of this fruit off my hands". So I had a few 20-30 pounds of peaches to deal with today. I love those e-mails!! Happy canning!

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Randi said...

I love your garden and I love all the canning and stuff you do. You really are lucky to live in the Okanagan.