Friday, September 26, 2008

Random Friday Thoughts

**My soccer career is not over! My knee is healing and may actually play again next week! The past 2 days of working and walking on it a lot were OK. I had my knee brace on, and it was tired at the end of the day, but feeling stronger!

**On a happy note, I got all week day shifts for October, so can continue on with my nursing career as is. I am off for the week before Tara's visit so I can clean house :) You should just see the disaster! We have almost emptied Kevin's purple and baby blue office for the next home reno. Notice the nice several layers of brown and then dirty beige carpet on top. We're contemplating hardwood.

This is where he will be parked for a few weeks, at least I hope only a few weeks while we drywall... We think he might want a different color in there too :)

** We saw this really cute bear while going through the drive through in Golden. Where was his Mama?? Guess he liked the smell of burgers too.

We had to refrain Ditto from wanting to go over and say hello

** It's the weekend! and the last weekend of regular season soccer, I think I hear Kevin shouting for joy! Although I led the boys' practise this week and they are such a great group of boys, it'll be nice to have our Saturdays back- and our Tues-Thurs evenings.

** I really don't want any men out there playing with anymore power tools and coming into the hospital with their hands all wrecked up! Be careful out there!! Lawn mowers, paint sprayers and bull riding are all dangerous things this week and every week!

** When I can't exercise I want to, how backwards is that? When I can I don't feel like it!

** I'm glad my internet is back after 2 days of whatever; Kevin's happy too since he NEEDS it for work! I just need it for play.

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