Thursday, September 4, 2008

School Update

Oh the agony, the boredom continues!
Like his heart walked out the door! What am I chopped liver?

My boy is loving teacher B! He got a pretty bad trampoline burn on his knee last night so he's worried about PE class today. I think he'll forget it's there come lunchtime.

My girl has a whole new schedule today. I got up my nerve and went to the vice principal- I still feel like I'm bad or something going to the principal's office (authority issues)- and he was SOooo nice and changed her into some new classes with teachers he highly recommends. Funny he didn't even question my concern about why I was not wanting this teacher and as soon as I mentioned who she had last year, he said "I understand, we will make this happen". hmmm...... I know they have had a lot of complaints about this man. Unions!! Can't get rid of the people who should be in another profession. She has no friends that she knows of in her 4 main courses, but her electives stayed the same. It'll be a good thing I think.

Later... she came home thrilled with the new teachers. They did a science experiment today with fire!- that's more than they did all of last year. And they have interesting things like fish and snakes in the classroom! I still remember the pickled fetal pig in our science lab in high school.

I attempted to copy Randi's great idea . How hard can a paper cone really be to make? Apparently more difficult than I thought after taping and stapling for 20 minutes!!! Notice how the bottom of the photo cropped off.

This recipe is a must try! From Pioneer Woman: Best ever chocolate sheet cake. I looked at a few places for a jelly roll pan and ended up just using a cookie sheet that had fairly high sides but nothing spectacular. It is amazing and so easy to make. I have never made a cake that you didn't blend the wet ingredients like eggs and sugar together and then mix the dry, must be the special magic.

What my boy manages to create with his piece: nice Starburst mouth


erin said...

Mmmmm tasty! I luv chocolate cake!! It was delicioso as Dora the Explorer's backpack says. hehe

Randi said...

Yum - that cake looks great! I'm so glad Erin got her classes switched ... sounds like she's in for a good year.