Friday, October 3, 2008


About 2 years ago I met an amazing woman. She was here for a conference related to the Pregnancy Care ministry and I was invited out for lunch with her and some other women. She runs a center (as well as many other programs in Zambia). We had an instant connection because I had been to her country. I receive her newsletters and am always so amazed to hear what is going on in other parts of the world. Our lives are so comfortable and easy compared to what so many people have to go through. Their pains are so real and in their face and so many of the struggles people have here are hidden and emotional. The center Silent Voices just celebrated 10 years, here's a bit of what she writes:

"Over the 10 years of ministering to the community through giving hope, healing and help with the message of Christ, Silent Voices has embarked on identifying certain needs of the community in order to help effectively. We have saved more than 4 000 babies from abortion and more than 10 000 lives have been transformed since then. But the biggest challenge has been the effect of the high infant mortality rate that is so high in our nation for the children that are under 5 years of age. We saved life quiet alright but most of the children are affected with the malnutrition, kwashiorkor, etc, illnesses that are caused due to poverty. In order to overcome this biggest challenge, last year we opened a feeding program to help feed the children with nutritious food....

Not forgetting this, our center Silent voices has over the years been producing a lot of sets of twins and a set of triplets that have now grown to 4 years old. This has brought so much joy to us as staff and we know that Silent voices are a LIFE giving place. All of these sets have been saved from abortion, their moms were all abortion vulnerable, but Jesus has given life to them."

I think it's cool, thought you might too. She begged me to come there as soon as she heard I was a nurse. I have not forgotten that, and maybe one day I will get to.

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