Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stolen without permission

Honestly I stole this right off my friend's blog without even asking her, but give her FULL credit for this beautiful prayer. Thanks Sandi! I just wanted everyone to read it because it's so amazing and written with such grace and in such sweetness of spirit that I just couldn't stop myself from such overt plagarism. I know she won't mind because her heart is so pure and wanting of worship and this brings so much of that:

"You know our children well. In all of their obstinancy and brilliance You created them. Before we considered them as possibilities You knew their names, their purpose, their crisis.

The maternal in me would plead for their forever-safety. The Christ in me reminds me that we learn well from adversity. So, as a mum I cry out for the emotional, mental, physical, spiritual safety and nurturing of our sons and daughters. As a God lover, I ask that You will use every circumstance (tender, benign, threatening) to shape them into women and men who will love You devotedly, sweetly, fully; men and women who will love their fellows well.

Do keep evil far from them ~~ May they know what it is to do justly, to love mercy, to walk humbly with their God. May that God be the Creator of All, the Savior of the world.

They will face more darkness and more distraction in their lives than ever we have. Holy Spirit, be their teacher, counselor, conviction. May they walk a road that is narrow and straight -- while living a Love that is wildly inclusive and free in Spirit.

Keep them. Keep them. Keep them. Keep them safe. Keep them innocent. Lead them to embrace wisdom, to utterly reject folly: narrowness of mind, cruelness of spirit, ignorance, arrogance.

The words of this prayer are without end, my God. Hear the flood water longing in the hearts and minds of my mothering friends. Be All to our children."

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Randi said...

Love that. Thanks for sharing.