Wednesday, October 22, 2008

He Cares about the Details

More musings...

I think a lot of people, even if they don't want to admit it, believe there is a God who created the world. But they don't always think much beyond that belief. The problem comes close to home when you ask the question of whether that big God out there actually wants to interact with us, actually cares about the concerns of our lives, intervenes in the daily affairs of man, and wants to interact with ME. That's where the leap of faith comes in, believing that He cares about the day to day details of our lives. For some it may be easier to keep Him at a distance, but for me, it's easier to say YES He does. He cares about my details. He wants to be involved in every thing, every moment, every act, every thought. It's not that I always FEEL that He's there, but my faith suggests to my mind, which controls a lot of my feelings, that He is.

Proof that He cares about details... why else would these things even exist if He didn't just make them for fun?! If he didn't care about bringing beauty to us just because....

(not my garden unfortunately, but enjoyed fully nonetheless!)

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