Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Sometimes things in the world amaze me and at other times they completely baffle me. I mean it's amazing that when I want to find the perfect whatever it is, that there is so much choice and selection out there. At other times, this just drives me crazy! Why do we need to choose from 100's of different models of digital cameras, or varieties of apples, or paint chip colors. One day it really matters to me, and other days, I just could really care less. There just is more to it than how to make the perfect chocolate cake or plan the perfect birthday party. There are people starving in the world! I know my children have heard it a million times. I think they are getting a guilt complex.

I ask myself these questions... How do I find a balance between enjoying what we've been given and caring about the details of life, and making it too much a priority? How can I constantly keep my focus on the right thing? Don't get me wrong I LOVE DETAILS! I am a details person!! I love planning things and get enjoyment out of all those things. I love making lists and accomplishing them. I love organizing and finding the perfect gift for someone, or putting little notes in my kids' lunches (which I haven't done for awhile). But I guess I have to look at the motivation of my heart in all this. Is it pride that I want it all to be perfect? Or is it an enjoyment of the gifts I have been given and the people I want to please and honor? Am I working to please myself or am I working to please and honor my King- the owner and maker of my heart and everything I am, everything I possess, and everything I want to become? I want to make the small corner of the world I touch a better place because I have been there. That is a huge task! I am thankful that He has made me worthy of such a calling and equips me to do it! In this world where everything is rushed and drive-thru, I am happy to spend extra time caring in small ways and hope that somehow it will make a difference. My hope is that the motivation is enough to show the love underneath it all.

Even still I need to accessorize and paint the office.


Randi said...

Interesting post. I've thought a lot about those same things lately ... wanting to be sure that doing things means I'm using God-given gifts and not just doing things for the sake of doing them. I guess it all comes down to the intent of the heart and the relationship with God.

Sandra said...

A huge task? I don't know...
You, in your appreciation for detailed beauty, specific expression, attentive care are reflecting that aspect of God, right (Who's more detailed than He?!)? So, if you simply do the one thing that's in front of you at this moment you will do exactly all that is required of you in this moment.

The easy burden/light yoke, right? Rather than questioning our motivation (which will always, always be human to some extent) we could approach our role in the world with a question: God, what are You doing right now? Where are You already at work? Can I join You there?

And then bring your unique expression to that "joining." Done. Sometimes it will lead to further expression of God. Sometimes the gift in the moment, the words, the gesture, will be just enough. Sometimes it will mean the office gets painted; sometimes it means the neighbors get cinnamon buns.

The God you serve in the secret place of the back room reno is equally honored there as ever He is on the front porch of your friends. No? :)

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

I love what Sandra said! Can I move next door so I will get the cinnamon buns?