Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We have a new cupcake store in town. All they sell are cupcakes. I hope they do well, because I like little homemade run businesses. So I popped in today and got a few for an after school treat. Funny thing though because as I walked in the door a lady right inside asked me what radio station I listen to. I told them with an inquistive tone in my voice, and she asked if I was just listening now. Well it was on very quietly because I just whipped around the corner from Second Cup. Apparently the next person in the door was to win a free cupcake. ME!

They were well enjoyed!


erin said...

Mmmmmm...........they were so tasty

Randi said...

Cupcake places are all the rage right now. I hope they last ... very fun! We went to Sprinkles when the twins turned two ... you know, us and Jennifer Garner.

Kirstin said...

'Know what cupacakes are called in the UK? Fairycakes!!
That always made me smile -- no wonder kids loved them so much. Yours look beautiful.
So does your daughter. Love the (new?) glasses!
(they even look a wee bit like my new ones, which some *very* trendy French friends helped pick out! lol!!)

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Yummm! Crave is the cupcake place here and they routinely are sold out by mid-afternoon and just close up shop.

Sandra said...

Oh Yum. I've been conjuring excuses to order Crave Cupcakes (which I really wish were called "Fairycakes"!) but keep getting deterred by the hefty cost.

If you ran your own business, what would you do?