Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Monday

Why do the weekends fly by so quickly?
What did I do today?
-get up at 6:45 and take Tara to the airport after a fun weekend together
-make breakfast for the kids
-make lunches for the kids
-drive Jacob to school, literally run into his teacher running out of the school home sick for the day, I hope it's not appendicitis
-walk Erin down the street to pick up her car pool, continue around the block with Ditto
-make an important phone call I've been avoiding for a week or so
-check my e-mail about 10 times
-phone my mother
-phone my dear friend Kari to wish her a Happy Birthday yesterday-- get some very exciting news and talk for over an hour, very difficult with a 1 and a 2 year old on her end close to nap time
- walk the big loop (4km) with my hubby (he didn't feel like working either)
-check my e-mail again
-cut out some fabric for a project I'm working on
-clean the kitchen up
-throw in some laundry
-make my supper to take to work
-get supper sort of ready for the rest who are at home
-rush out the door because now I'm late for work....

How was your day? mine was pretty regular.... it always feels that way after you've had a fun weekend with a good friend... here she is trying to organize my crazy crew for a family photo shoot... we had one not so cooperative participant


erin said...

Nice, I'll do the same on mine as an answer to your question.

Randi said...

How fun!

What's the exciting news?