Saturday, October 25, 2008


We got free tickets to a hockey game last night! How exciting is that? So of course as "fate" would have it we were seated right in front of the rowdy, beer drinking, foul mouthed, 20 year old male section (also apparently where scouts from Tampa Bay Lighting sit). I never know what to do in these type of situations.... We tried our best to ignore them, even though everything in me wanted to turn around and slap them and duct tape their mouths shut. I know they are just trying to have a good boys night out, but please not at my expense. So I tried in my heart to feel love and patience, compassion and goodness.... wasn't particularly working. The guy right behind me leans over and says to let me know if they get too out of hand and they'll settle down a bit. My wonderful husband with full confidence in me says, "Oh don't worry she will". Some time goes by, and the rowdiness and excessive cheering continues. In one of their more rowdy moments they spilled beer down my Jacob's back and even in his face. The problem was I didn't know what had happened, just saw a VERY upset boy and had to figure it out because he wasn't too keen on telling me why he was crying. Kevin got a little damp in the process as well the man in front of him. The "boys" did realize what they had done and apologized, but when my boy gets upset, the whole evening is usually a bust. After the 2nd period, they decided the game was boring and left. I figured that was the most respectful thing they did all evening.

So what would you have done?
a. Smile and tell them that you hope they have a lovely evening and that you'll be praying for their eternal souls
b. Turned around and yelled and told them to shut up and move or you're going to call security, keeping in mind his biceps are larger than your thighs
c. Demanded payment for dry cleaning
d. Left the game or found some other dry, empty seats
e. If you can't beat them, buy another beer and join in
f. other..... please explain....


Sharon Drew said...

We probably would have left. I think anything we would have done would be interpreted as "being old and intolerant"... which is probably true anyway!!!
By the way, there is NO one who has a bicep the size of my thigh!!

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

I would have sat there stewing while I thought of a great response. The next day when I actually thought of it, then I would have recited it bravely into the mirror.

Sandra said...

I'm with "bigcanadiangirl"! Except that it would have taken me more than a day to think of it. :)

My kids would probably tell you that I'd turn the whole situation into some huge teaching moment/life lesson, but I have NO idea where they'd come up with such a notion.