Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas in the Eyes of a Child

The elementary school Christmas concert was fun. Unfortunately, my boy was so sick he missed the dress rehearsal 2 days prior, and the show the day of, but managed to feel OK enough to go watch, but not actually be in it. They sang "I saw My Mom kissing Santa Claus", a round version that had several parts making it sound like a lot of voices, not necessarily in time, but still very cute. During the weeks while the practicing was going on, and we heard him singing it around the house, Kevin admitted that he never really understood the song. Why was Mommy kissing Santa? Gross! He's a strange man, why would she do such a thing? I lovingly explained to him that Santa is not real, and that the song is actually about Daddy dressed up as Santa and so Mommy kisses him under the mistletoe. I thought we all knew that by now!


Sandra said...

The literal mind of the engineer. :) What a perfect story!

Randi said...

Oh Kevin.

I love the photo ... I enlarged it to see Jacob and then realized that he actually wasn't in it. Should have read the post first. :)