Thursday, December 4, 2008

Today I...

  • photocopied 2000 sheets of paper in various forms. I can collate, staple, hole punch, sort, you name it, I can do it! Photocopiers are fancy nowadays. Jacob's teacher should be good til the middle of January! He loves when I come in :) I enjoy it too and get to see more up close what the day goes like over there. Mr. Stait is fabulous! A great teacher and fabulous role model. It's a big class of 30 with 20 boys so he has his hands full so I like to help where I can.
  • sewed the last bits on a Christmas gift to be sent out
  • scraped my windshield for the 2nd time
  • might do my Christmas cards
  • am heading to the fabric store as it's the last day of the sale and I want to make a duvet cover to replace my 17 year old one.
  • am going to drop by an Avon open house and get some stocking stuffers
  • am having family over later to watch Survivor and eat chips
How's your day going?


Sandra said...

Mmmm. Survivor AND chips?

ps: Did you know Costco has a Kettle chip that has almost zilcho fat and not too many calories and it still tastes like a real chip? Life is very good.

And now I'm very hungry. :P

Randi said...

You're so busy ... I can't believe all the projects you're doing right now!!