Saturday, December 6, 2008

So Many Blessings

So Kevin is voted #1 husband by 4 out 6 voters last night! I guess 2 of them still really like their own husbands. Erin is definitely voted #1 daughter because they all have boys (except for Rachel whose daughter is 20). The 3 of them put on a wonderful party for me with quite a spread of food which I did not get a photo of. Jacob was on decorating team and putting the food out. Erin made a few dishes totally on her own inluding bruschetta!! Kevin was good at phoning Joey's and picking up my favorite appetizers and washing tonnes of dishes. I am so blessed by my family and by this group of women! Thanks for a wonderful evening of good laughter and chat, even a little wisdom thrown in there for a fun evening! That and the name that song game Erin made up- these girls are really lacking in their country music skills.

Got a nice family shot with the "birthday girl"

That's a bright light of candle flame!

My 2 ladies that we "Second Cup" every second Wednesday guaranteed even if there's more chat in between, those are the KEY moments. We've worked together on committees and played together, prayed together and figured out each others problems!

What a great pic of everyone! Then there's that middle girl who is a wealth of wisdom, and the one on the floor at the back that you may recognize from last week (although she was wearing a wig) who can make any one laugh or feel at home!! LOVE YOU ALL!

This one is funnier and there's video of it too, something about the Jiggle Gym! Marnie on the end just lost 70 pounds! Isn't she amazing?


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Party Planner Extraordinaires!

Randi said...

I'm so glad it was fun! It looks like you have a great group of friends ... although it seems so weird to see you with them since I don't know any. I LOVE the top photo of your family ... it's great!

Sandra said...

Happy Birthday, Linda. :) What a wealth of friendship you have in your life!

And "Yay, Marnie!"