Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

I'm going to go take a nap :) so I can stay up ALL night :)

This photo has nothing at all to do with New Year's, except that it was taken today at the sledding hill, and it's getting close to evening. He's catching snow balls, this was after he took off with Dad's Christmas mitt and we spent 10 minutes chasing him and then literally dog piled! I think he got the hint it was bad.

I'd like to hear about your New Year's resolutions. Maybe you'll give me some good ideas, because mine are the same every year, obviously means that I don't achieve them.


Sandra said...

I resolve: to listen generously and to talk sparingly.

And to eat at least as much chocolate/consume as much soda as I did in '08. Because it's easier to listen - and keep quiet - if you're mouth is preoccupied with something yummy.

Randi said...

I like Sandra's resolution.

I resolve: to lower my expectations and enjoy people and situations for what they are.

Linda said...

See this is why I ask... those are both so good!