Friday, December 5, 2008

It's Friday

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! OK-- I know I just freaked out Randi who's thinking it's still a few weeks away. It is! No worries. But today is my party. Last year Kevin tried to plan a party and no one could come because of Christmas commitments. I have issues! It's really not fair to have a birthday in December. At least it's not on the 25th!! I know people who have that. So I know I should stop complaining. So a week or so ago, my wonderful husband decided we would do an early birthday, so a few of my favorite girls are coming over tonight. The hardest part is I'm not allowed in the kitchen!!! It was smelling like a few things last night as I worked on some things downstairs and heard giggling and laughing from the rest upstairs, and was continually shooed away when I tried to be my usual nosey self. One thing I do love about having it at this time of year is that it's always decorated and pretty with lights. It doesn't feel like it's right without the tree up. I don't need to have balloons because there are already lots of other pretty things.

Did I tell you my Mom is coming for my real birthday? Last year she completed my nativity set for me! I put it out the other day and I just LOVE it!

We are doing 24 days of service leading up to Christmas - thanks to Randi's great idea.
Every day the kids have a "challenge" that involves thinking of someone else first! Yesterday they had to bake cookies for our church's Living Nativity Christmas outreach thing. It's kind of hard to explain what they do, but we get about 7000 people to it every year. They have an actual Bethlehem that you walk through with live animals and it's like a market with actors making you sign the census. Then they take you inside where you watch a dramatic presentation of the Christmas story, and then you go to the Great Hall which a Victorian decorated amazingly beautiful setting in the gym, where everyone is served hot chocolate and cookies and they have live mannequins posing in all different period costumes. It's magical! The first year we went we couldn't believe the mannequins were real people. There are trees and lights and snow and waitresses in little white hats. It's so neat!

That was a total aside that I didn't need to explain to you... anyways... my mind is a little wacky today. Jacob is home this morning because they are having Family Life at school. Well we'll do family life at home thank you very much. I'm not opposed to most of the material they present in grade 5, but the principal of it and the fact that they do it co-ed!! Boys do not need to learn about getting your period at age 10! Kevin didn't even want to learn about it when we got married!! I am very opposed to the material that starts to get presented in grade 6, 7 and up!! WAY TOO much information!! Is nothing sacred people? And I think it breeds a familiarity between the sexes when they do it together! But I'll get off my soap box now!


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Happy Birthday to you too. Can't wait to see the photos. Have fun.

Randi said...

You did freak me out ... I was trying to figure out the date! I hope your party is lots of fun ... blog about it after.

Sandra said...

Randi's idea is SO cool! I've missed it for this month (and I'm not nearly creative enough to start on the spur-of-the-moment) so I think I'll adapt it to a New Year's celebration. I LOVE this! Thx Randi!

We're doing 12 days of Christmas with the boys instead of stockings on Christmas morning (one stocking stuffer each day for the days preceding X-mas). Or at least I think we are? They don't know about it yet so if it messes with their need for tradition I'll change my plans. :)