Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Girl Cracks me up!

Well I was going to post the funniest video of her laughing, but it seems the file has been deleted- that makes her even more funny- little stinker! She doesn't like movies of herself. How many of us do really? I don't know how big name actors could see themselves that huge on the big screen, like their faces 50 feet across!! Really good self esteem I guess. The clip really was funny though, she was just laughing and laughing and laughing! Just imagine it in your mind.....

Check out her blog because she's put some funny stuff on there.... and have a good belly laugh today.

I'll post this instead. The tree is up- probably the most BROAD tree we've ever had! Had to trim some major branches.


erin said...

ha, good thing I deleted it, i knew you had something bad up your sleeve.

Randi said...

I like the tree ... you're right - it's really broad!!