Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Published Letter to the Editor

I know I've been bragging about my kids a lot lately, but if I don't who will? It's not like I made them... I'm really bragging about God's wonderful creations. He did a really great job! I promise I'll stop maybe for a little while.

Erin's English teacher made them write letters to the editor and she sent in the best few and looky loo... she brought the paper to me and I didn't even know! Hopefully I've left it big enough so you can click on it and read it. The one beside it is by her friend Savannah and it's hilarious so I left it on there too. Oh ya, and where it says half the world's population, 3 million, that is the newspapers mistake not hers she let me know. Really our newspaper needs better proof readers, they make SOOO many mistakes all the time!


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Erin, you rock!

erin said...

why'd you put that on there?? as a matter of fact, why did they have to put MINE in the paper?

erin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Randi said...

Great article, Erin. I'm laughing at Savannah's article ... kind of condemning her parents, huh? :>

Sandra said...

Well said, Erin. Have you guys watched "The Secret Millionaire" yet? We saw it for the first time yesterday...and I got really cranky! The disparity between rich and poor (and how elitist the rich represented there are) made me rant.

Thanks for your challenging thoughts. This is a good time of year to keep them in mind. :)

ps: Linda I am SO curious about the deleted comment!