Thursday, December 18, 2008

A little Behind

I know I'm a little behind on the blog- not that any one keeps track, or that it's some sort of task I have to accomplish. I just know my readers really care what I have been up to. My mom was here for 4 days and so blogging is just put aside momentarily while we shop and lunch and go to kids' activities.

Erin had her horse show, if you haven't seen her post yet, check it out and make rave reviews! You really can't believe how difficult it is to make horses do all those fancy maneuvers! Bri is actually a real horse woman and she was out to take in the festivities- what a cute picture of the 2 of them, except look I think Erin is now taller than her even though she is wearing boots there's a few inches there.

The back yard skating rink is up and ready for action! Kevin put in lots of time checking the ice and re-flooding to get the perfect smoothness, apparently you can't just leave the hose running for a couple hours. We should be able to get some good 1 on 1 hockey going on. I think 2 on 2 will just have to wait til we make a bigger rink- maybe next year :) It's the perfect size for Jacob to learn to skate anyways. Apparently Ditto likes to fetch the hockey puck and not bring it back!

It has been just dumping snow for days here, when the sky opens up it's so beautiful!
This is the hill behind our place that we get a nice view of!

In other Drew family news, we were treated out to dinner by ma Mammy on the real day. Thanks Mom. I got yummy treats!

Erin had her few closer friends over on Tuesday to do a gift exchange they planned. Oh the giggles! Oh I remember what it was like to be 13! I planned to make pizza for the girls for dinner and to my dismay my oven died.... Lovely... still need to check into that one.... honey.....

And it's only 7 days til Christmas! YIPPEE! I did a baking day with a friend yesterday, we planned to do 4 things and each take half of what we made. Well with all the chatting, one recipe got baking soda instead of powder, a few batches got a little overbaked, and a few gingerbread boys lost their limbs (oh that's right they were supposed to- I'll have to show you my ABC cookie cutters- "already been chewed"- too cute!) but the gingerbread didn't get enough of something!! Not sure what! We might have to concentrate a little more next year :)

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Randi said...

Glad to get an update on life there.

Love the skating rink! That's so neat Kevin did that.

Is that Erin's bedroom? The painted stripes are so great!